Photo: Andrea Buchner Anfruns


In the edition 2016 of the Summer Workshop started the Graphic Design Program with a selection of six final projects of the course 2015-2016 of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Olot (EASD), mentored by the Professor of graphic projects Pere Álvaro Ruiz, one of which has been selected a winner to generate the corporate image of the Summer Workshop 2017 by vote during the course and a jury chaired by RCR BUNKA Private Foundation.

Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny d'Olot

The School of Art and Design of Olot, founded in 1783, is the official School of Art and Design in Girona. Since its foundation, it has actively participated in its social, educational, economic and cultural environment. The School is in the Convent del Carme, in the old town of the City of Olot. In 1990, the School enters to form part of the network official of Schools of Art of Catalonia with the name of School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts of Olot, by which it passes to depend on the Generalitat of Catalonia. Since the course 2003-2004, the School of Art passes to be “Superior School of Art and Design”, completing the educational offer with a diploma of Interior Design. Since the course 2007-2008 the School also provides the Diploma in Graphic Design.

Since the course 2010-2011 it is one of the seven seats of the ESDAP (Superior School of Design and Visual Arts) and begins to impart degree studies in Design, adapted to the EHEA, the European Higher Education Area. Currently it is dedicated to meeting the needs of artistic education of more than four hundred students, mainly from the neighboring counties.

Support for Education in the Field of Art and Design

RCR Bunka Private Foundation supports the development of skills in the artistic education in its hometown, putting in value the need of creating professionals of quality at local level and giving opportunities of applying their knowledge in a real project, benefiting of the creative e international environment of the Summer Workshop. The work of Eugènia Canada Cardellach has been selected as winner to generate the corporate identity of the Summer Workshop 2017.




Eugènia Canada Cardellach

Eugènia Canada (Girona, 1996) is a graphic designer, graduated in Graphic Advertising at the Escola d’art i Superior de Disseny d’Olot (2016). She has been responsible of designing the corporate identity of the International Summer Workshop 2017 after being elected for her final project. She has made a three-month internship as a graphic designer in Studio32 in Fulda, Germany.